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All my woodwork is custom made, after you place your order. Wait times vary depending on my workload and the intricacy of the item you order - anywhere from two weeks to several months. Please contact me before placing your order if you have any questions. Thanks!

Gift Ideas

I couldn't decide where to place some of the things I make, so I made this page for gifts. Don't get me wrong, bowls, boxes, rubber band guns, chess pieces, picture frames, in fact most all of what I make makes fabulous gifts so don't stop here!

Consecrated Oil Vial - Box Elder Burl

These consecrated oil keyring vials are turned from stabilized dyed Box Elder burl, with gold-plated parts. The Box Elder tree is a variety of maple tree, also known as Boxelder Maple and Maple Ash. A small, fast-growing, and short-lived tree, it has generally weak wood with little use commercially, except for the burls, which have beautiful coloring and grain patterns.

The burl can then be impregnated with dye with varied results - sometimes it soaks through, other times areas are left their natural color for striking results. The dyed box elder burls are available in yellow, red, blue, black, green, purple, brown, and magenta.

The vial parts are available in chrome or gold plated.

A unique, handmade, a perfect gift for any Elder, whether dad for Fathers Day, brother for Mission Farewell, or a son for his ordination to the priesthood. Inside is a glass vial that can just as easily hold perfume or essential oils.

Price: $35.00


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