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All my woodwork is custom made, after you place your order. Wait times vary depending on my workload and the intricacy of the item you order - anywhere from two weeks to several months. Please contact me before placing your order if you have any questions. Thanks!

Gift Ideas

I couldn't decide where to place some of the things I make, so I made this page for gifts. Don't get me wrong, bowls, boxes, rubber band guns, chess pieces, picture frames, in fact most all of what I make makes fabulous gifts so don't stop here!

African Mahogany and Gold Consecrated Oil Vial

These LDS Consecrated Oil Keyring Vials are made from 10k Gold-plated parts and African Mahogany. They're unique, handmade, a perfect gift for any Elder, whether dad for Fathers Day, brother for Mission Farewell, or a son for his ordination to the priesthood.

African Mahogany is different from your usual mahogany used in furniture and fine woodworking in the US. It's from a tree in the mahogany family called Khaya, and is an exotic and imported hardwood that is figured "broken grained". It is characterized by vertical bonds of varying luster and vessel markings in which the ribbon effect is intermittent. The heartwood varies from light to deep reddish-brown. Like American Mahogany, this timber is very durable and stable. Khaya species tend to be lighter in color, generally more of a salmon/pink in tint, but the color and density are affected by the specific conditions in the area of growth, so there are no absolutes It had a hayday in drum making, but was too expensive for that to continue.

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