Waiting List Information

All my woodwork is custom made, after you place your order. Wait times vary depending on my workload and the intricacy of the item you order - anywhere from two weeks to several months. Please contact me before placing your order if you have any questions. Thanks!

Gift Ideas

I couldn't decide where to place some of the things I make, so I made this page for gifts. Don't get me wrong, bowls, boxes, rubber band guns, chess pieces, picture frames, in fact most all of what I make makes fabulous gifts so don't stop here!

Ambrosia Maple Consecrated Oil Vial - Large

This Consecrated Oil Vial for keychain was made from Ambrosia Maple, and made to accomodate those who have large fingers or prefer larger keychains. As with other oil vials, the keychain and lid are 10-k gold plated, but unlike other oil vials, the end away from the keychain is solid wood instead of capped with a gold cap. This allows longer, larger diameter vials. Contained inside is a glass vial with stopper to hold the oil (or perfume or whatever other liquid you need handy). The shape can be varied to meet your specifications, and you can choose from virtually any wood I make pens from. Cost from materials in stock: $25.00.

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