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All my woodwork is custom made, after you place your order. Wait times vary depending on my workload and the intricacy of the item you order - anywhere from two weeks to several months. Please contact me before placing your order if you have any questions. Thanks!

Gift Ideas

I couldn't decide where to place some of the things I make, so I made this page for gifts. Don't get me wrong, bowls, boxes, rubber band guns, chess pieces, picture frames, in fact most all of what I make makes fabulous gifts so don't stop here!

Hand-Turned Wood Goblet Set

This matching set of hand-turned wood goblets is made from ambrosia maple. It was made for a gift for a bridal shower, but also would make a dramatic wedding gift. I made it for my mother-in-law, hoping to make her sweat by saying that it's all about the grubs, beetles and fungus. (Ambrosia maple is maple that is stained by the fungus introduced and fed on by the ambrosia beetle and its larvae.) She was on to me though - so much for that.

In profile, the differences are more visible - it's called copy turning when instead of free-form wood turning, you try to make multiple objects of the same size and shape. It's a mark of hand-turned work that you can see subtle differences between the different pieces. This picture also shows the staining from the ambrosia fungus. These goblets are finished with oil and beeswax, and ready to be used or displayed. Sold individually for $60 each, a set of two is available for $100.00.
Hand-turned Wood Goblets can also be made from White Ash, Silver Maple, Pao Ferro, Satine, Oregon Myrtlewood, Osage Orange, Honduras Redheart, Claro Walnut, Cocobolo, Canary Wood, Bocote, and Birdseye Maple - prices for these available upon request.

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